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October - December 2017

solarsysr white eagle astrologyDespite it having occurred quite some while ago now, the most important feature of this period is the continuing influence of the major solar eclipse which took place on 21 August. Eclipses commonly do this: their effects can in some instances continue for a year or more after the eclipse has taken place. It is not hard to see how much things have been stirred up by it. This is also reflected in the planetary movements because several planets have at various times aspected the point of eclipse (at the end of Leo) since it happened. At the time of writing, Mercury, Venus and Mars have all passed over the place of the eclipse. Still to come are aspects (but not conjunctions this time) to the eclipse point from Jupiter (early October), Mercury (mid October), Venus (early November and at Christmas), Mars (early December), and Saturn (second week of December). This all suggests that the turbulence and uncertainty in so many areas of life will continue, and with Uranus having originally aspected the place of the eclipse as well, plenty of unexpected events and actions. I would suggest that everything taken together is above all an indication that both individually and collectively we all need to wake up to what we are doing and where we are going. It is an opportunity to recognize and grasp our roles and responsibilities to ourselves, to others and to the world – fine words, perhaps, but none the less true.

jupitertopr white eagle astrologyJupiter moves from Libra into Scorpio towards the middle of October. During November and December it forms a trine with Neptune (currently in Pisces). This aspect is very sensitive, especially on this occasion as it falls in water signs; people whose charts are triggered in any way by this are likely to feel that increase in sensitivity quite strongly. While in some ways this makes life difficult, it also has its compensations and is helpful for spiritual and creative pursuits, so long as we keep our feet on the ground!

A strong Saturn is the best antidote to any tendency to float off into space, and as it happens, in the third week of December Saturn moves into its own signsaturn white eagle astrology of Capricorn. This should help to bring an element of realism which some might say has been lacking in various areas of life, and like the aftereffects of the eclipse will tend to make us more conscious of our responsibilities and behaviour. It is important to try to think of Saturn as one’s friend, which it is – a friend so close that he or she feels able to tell you things you don’t want to hear, but need to hear!

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The Sky - first quarter

January - March 2017

Aries blue120An opposition between Jupiter and Uranus during this period suggests a time of revolutionary and iconoclastic thoughts and actions! At the time of writing this seems only too likely; however, the Saturn-Uranus trine (see above) will help to make it less reckless in its effects.

The Sky - second quarter

April - June 2017plutor white eagle astrology

saturn white eagle astrologySaturn and Pluto (see above also) are both stationary sometime in April, so that this month is liable to feel very heavily fated in some ways. We may well have to make extra effort to ‘gowith the flow’ and accept what we can’t change. In addition, in mid April (during the Easter weekend) Venus is stationary and in close aspect with Mars, Saturn and Uranus. 

The Sky - third quarter

 July - September 2017

neptuner white eagle astrologyThe link previously mentioned between Jupiter and Neptune for June continues for most of July. It is quite a subtle link, but nevertheless powerful. The difficult side of this is the tendency to let things slide, to be over-optimistic and to be liable to deception. The positive side is optimism sensibly invested, also sensitivity to what is happening at inner levels. Remaining realistic is important, but provided this can be achieved it can be a useful combination of influences. It is also helpful for artistic and cultural pursuits. Other than this, July is fairly ‘quiet’, though the major influences mentioned in the general remarks continue to affect global life as deeply as always.

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