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October - December 2016

Libra Jupiter has now moved into Libra, a much more congenial sign for it than Virgo. This does not mean it won’t pose challenges, but Jupiter’s natural optimism should help us to face the challenges more optimistically. During late October that planet moves into orbs of a square with Pluto, which will actually remain within orbs for much of next year. The square will help to bring right out into the open many more situations that involve tension between what is perceived as right and just [Jupiter in Libra] and the vested interests of large organizations and governments [Pluto in Capricorn].

Also during the latter half of October, Jupiter moves into orbs of a sextile with Saturn; this too lasts beyond the end of this year. This aspect is constructive in many ways and helps to jupiter white eagle lodge astrologyrelieve the pressure of the Saturn-Neptune square (see general trends for the year). Particularly as it is in Libra, Jupiter can help to bring balance and objectivity, so that the practical and ideal can work more harmoniously together.

The new moons during this period are of particular interest. There are four, one at the very beginning of October and one each near the end of October, November and December. In every case these new moons are in aspect with Neptune, and in each case they fall close to another planet. The constant reinforcement by these new moons of Neptune’s current strength in its own sign of Pisces is hard to judge, but it should encourage vision, aspiration and idealism. However, it could also encourage unrealistic expectations, muddle and chaos. Neptune is the planet of cosmic consciousness, but also of cloud cuckoo land!

neptuner white eagle astrologyThe first of the four new moons, at the beginning of October, falls close to Jupiter and will emphasise what has been said above. The second is very closely conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. This is quite critical, as with so much emphasis on water – accentuated by Neptune in Pisces – there is a risk of getting far too emotional, and a need to be as objective and detached as possible. For spiritual perception it can be very helpful, but the exercise of discrimination is important. Saturn being still within orbs of square Neptune at this time will help, reminding us of practicalities and the need for common sense. The third new moon is near Saturn, which is likely to be more helpful than not in that the combination will be somewhat more grounding, though challenging. The last of the new moons is with Mercury again, and quite close to Pluto, but this time in Capricorn. This new moon will certainly be challenging, but its effects really belong to next year rather than this. Expect issues of organization and power to be especially prominent, at almost any level...

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The Sky - first quarter

January - March 2017

Aries blue120An opposition between Jupiter and Uranus during this period suggests a time of revolutionary and iconoclastic thoughts and actions! At the time of writing this seems only too likely; however, the Saturn-Uranus trine (see above) will help to make it less reckless in its effects.

The Sky - second quarter

April - June 2017plutor white eagle astrology

saturn white eagle astrologySaturn and Pluto (see above also) are both stationary sometime in April, so that this month is liable to feel very heavily fated in some ways. We may well have to make extra effort to ‘gowith the flow’ and accept what we can’t change. In addition, in mid April (during the Easter weekend) Venus is stationary and in close aspect with Mars, Saturn and Uranus. 

The Sky - third quarter

 July - September 2017

neptuner white eagle astrologyThe link previously mentioned between Jupiter and Neptune for June continues for most of July. It is quite a subtle link, but nevertheless powerful. The difficult side of this is the tendency to let things slide, to be over-optimistic and to be liable to deception. The positive side is optimism sensibly invested, also sensitivity to what is happening at inner levels. Remaining realistic is important, but provided this can be achieved it can be a useful combination of influences. It is also helpful for artistic and cultural pursuits. Other than this, July is fairly ‘quiet’, though the major influences mentioned in the general remarks continue to affect global life as deeply as always.

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